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Destination Cyber
Episode 9: Garrett O’Hara
First Aired: March 31, 2023

Garrett O’Hara is Mimecast’s Field Chief Technologist. His appointment to the business in 2015 coincided with the opening of the Sydney office, as his experience was considered invaluable to lead the growth and development of the local team.

His experience extends across development, UI/UX, technology communication, training development and mentoring. A seasoned leader of technical sales teams in the Asia Pacific region and with a track record of growing new-to-country businesses, Garrett is also a regular speaker at industry conferences and a guest on podcasts and TV.

Garrett’s current primary focus is to help organisations understand and manage their cyber resilience strategies. When he’s not talking about the cyber security landscape, data assurance approaches or business continuity, he can be found running, surfing or enjoying the many bars and eateries on Sydney’s Northern Beaches.

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