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Episode 83: Ted Ipsen
First Aired: October 13, 2021

Ted Ipsen is the President and COO of Positroniq, a strategic security and risk consultancy. He is an experienced executive manager with over 20 years of experience specializing in high-tech crime investigation, digital forensics, and the delivery and oversight of consulting and advisory services in the areas of information security, secure development, security assessment, information risk management, IT governance, compliance, business continuity management, and aligning strategic IT and security goals with business objectives.

He was recruited out of law enforcement by a global “Big 4” audit and professional services firm, and has since moved progressively to more technical, and focused security consultancies.

Mr. Ipsen has worked with organizations across many industries, reviewing security and IT programs against industry leading practices, standards, and regulatory frameworks, integrating security operational processes, and providing security training to infosec practitioners, software developers, and executives.

He has served as the interim-CISO for a major airline, and built security programs for organizations of all sizes.

He has spoken at many national and international security conferences, and is the co-author of “Law Enforcement Challenges in Digital Forensics,” presented at the National Colloquium for Information Systems Security Education. He has contributed to a number of security publications, including “Securing Linux, Step by Step” and “Disaster Recovery, Step by Step”, issued by the SANS Institute, and “Practical Cybersecurity Architecture”, from Packt Publishing.


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