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Episode 55: Tulin Sevgin
First Aired: January 11, 2021

Director of Cybersecurity TPRM, UpGuard, Tulin is a strategic thinker and cyber risk management specialist with experience in public and private sectors. Tulin has held senior positions with Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, Optiver and Deloitte.

Amongst Tulin’s career she has successfully started up and led a cybersecurity practice at a boutique consultancy and is now leading the TPRM team at UpGuard growing the CyberRisk product and services.

Tulin specializes in cyber risk management including TPRM, cyber risk threat analysis, prevention,
control and assurance. Tulin’s past working experience spans enterprise risk management, business
continuity, risk culture analysis, project management, issues management, IT audit, data analytics,
internal audit and external audit.
Tulin has worked across multiple projects from:

  • Developing and implementing successful Third-Party Risk Management Frameworks
  • APRA Prudential Standard CPS234, GDPR, CCPA, NDB scheme readiness
  • Information Security Officer positions
  • Cyber Security Incident response exercises
  • Creating and exercising data breach response plans
  • Developing, managing and testing IT disaster recovery plans
  • Enhancing cyber risk frameworks for various clients
  • Facilitating cyber security awareness training
  • Post cyber incident reviews
  • Social engineering projects

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