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Episode 45: Mike Thompson
First Aired: October 12, 2020

Mike Thompson is the CTO and Co-founder of HackHunter. HackHunter protects organisations by detecting and tracking malicious WiFi and WiFi-operated drones. Mike is an IoT expert with an extensive background in Information and Cyber Security.

Amongst Mike’s many roles, he has:

  • Worked as a CISO for an Insurance Company
  • Consulted to over 50 organisations, including Telstra, NAB and the Privacy Commission
  • Uncovered computer fraud
  • Legally hacked organisations
  • Designed and developed international award-winning software solutions
  • Provided investigation and advisory services at the highest levels in government across topics as diverse as biometrics and satellite surveillance systems.

Mike is a smart home and 3D printing fanatic with a passion for unlocking the potential of IoT to make our lives richer, safer and sustainable. After the successful exit of his previous business, Mike combined his skills and experience in IoT and cyber security to start the HackHunter journey.

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