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Episode 246 Deep Dive: David Batch | Demystifying Privacy by Design, Understanding Its Challenges, and Identifying Solutions
First Aired: March 01, 2024

In this episode, we are joined by David Batch (Executive Director, Privacy Advisory – CyberCX) as we delve into the principles of Privacy by Design and the need for organizations to prioritise privacy as a pillar of trust. From data retention challenges to the impact of data erasure on regulated industries, we navigate through the complexities of privacy management. Join us as we explore the potential catalysts for change, the role of regulatory frameworks, and the innovative solutions for empowering individuals to take control of their privacy.

David leads the Privacy Advisory Practice at CyberCX and brings to the role over 25 years of government and industry experience.  Prior to entering the consulting sector, David was responsible for privacy risk management at State Street Corporation across APAC, built and led the CBA’s first dedicated privacy team, led the privacy function at NEHTA (now the ADHA) and was the online safety, security and privacy lead for in Australia/NZ. Prior to his privacy focused roles, David was a Federal Agent with the Australian Federal Police and held a number of investigative, legal policy and training roles during his 9 year tenure with the agency.​

In addition to these roles, David was the creator of the annual consumer and organisation privacy research, the Deloitte Australian Privacy Index and its principal author for four editions. David also launched the annual Australian Privacy by Design Research and Awards in 2022, for which he and the team were awarded by the Australian Information Security Association as ‘Cybersecurity Researcher of the Year’ in 2022.

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