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Episode 231 Deep Dive: Ashwin Ram | Overcoming Evolving Threats: Expert Advice for Executive Cyber Awareness
First Aired: December 06, 2023

In this episode, we are joined by Ashwin Ram (Office of the Chief Technology Officer – Check Point) as he dives deep into the need for clear communication of cyber risks, addresses the challenges faced by security practitioners, and highlights the importance of credibility in cybersecurity strategies. From leveraging diverse threat intelligence sources to staying updated on emerging threats and attack strategies, this episode provides valuable guidance for executives and board members. Stay ahead of cyber threats, understand the evolving landscape, and ensure comprehensive cybersecurity strategies for your organization’s success. Tune in now to gain valuable, actionable insights.

Ashwin Ram is a seasoned cyber security expert and thought leader with a unique blend of CISO consulting experience and technical know-how. He is widely regarded as a trusted advisor by industry titans, startups, and industry collectives due to his ability to translate technical threats into business contexts to evaluate overall risk to organisations.

With his deep security knowledge, Ashwin can switch effortlessly between “tech talk” and “business talk,” making him a go-to person for organisations looking to bolster their cyber resilience. In his current role at Check Point Software Technologies, Ashwin assists cyber executives understand, prioritise, communicate, and address cyber risks.

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