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Episode 211 Deep Dive: Fernando Serto | AI in the Hot Seat: Examining the Unknown Threats, Mitigating Risks, and Exploring Opportunities in Cybersecurity
First Aired: September 22, 2023

In this deep dive, we are joined by Fernando Serto, Chief Technologist and Evangelist of Cloudflare. With a deep understanding of the potential risks posed by accelerating climate change and fast-paced advancements in artificial intelligence (AI), he advocates for a careful and balanced approach to development. Fernando emphasizes the need to reflect on the consequences of our actions and the urgency to reduce our carbon footprint. He highlights the interconnectedness of today’s world, where people increasingly rely on AI-powered devices. While acknowledging the potential risks associated with AI, he believes that we are not yet at the point of no return. As an advisor, Fernando encourages individuals and organizations to exercise caution and approach AI development with a sense of responsibility. He highlights the positive aspects of AI when implemented correctly, emphasizing its ability to simplify and enhance our lives. Finally, we also uncover the importance of patching vulnerabilities quickly, the need for better cybersecurity practices, and the challenges faced by organizations in securing their networks.

Fernando Serto – Field CTO for Asia Pacific, Japan and China at Cloudflare – is a highly qualified IT and Security expert with over 27 years of work experience. Fernando has held a variety of technical positions during his career, including Web Development, Unix, Networking, and Security. Fernando had the privilege of being involved with offensive security in the beginning of his career, and as a result, he has since gained a thorough understanding of both offensive and defensive security methods.

Fernando has spent the last ten years working with top technology vendors, where he has established a reputation for his skill in explaining difficult technical security issues to both technical and non-technical audiences. He has a demonstrated history of assisting Product and Engineering teams in creating cutting-edge security solutions based on client input.

Fernando is dedicated to remaining on the cutting edge of new security technology and has a thorough understanding of how businesses can use security to achieve their goals. He is passionate about assisting businesses in creating and putting into practise security plans that allow them to safeguard their assets and accomplish their objectives in the rapidly changing security environment of today.

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