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Episode 101: Eugene Fedorchenko
First Aired: March 30, 2022

My career is an example of professional shifts and huge amount of change. It started with the global legal consultancy names like Baker & McKenzie, Chadbourne & Parke. Following the completion of an internship at Deloitte (Zurich, Switzerland), I’ve spent around 8 years in Corporate Law, Tax Structuring and Digital Law across the EU and CEE.

I had my legal/management consulting business as a co-founder, based in Switzerland for three years and completed my Masters’ Degree in International Law and an Advanced Degree in the EU Commercial and Economical Law from the University of Lausanne (Switzerland) in 2010.

I brought my multifaceted global experience to the Australian soil in 2017, with an accompanying skillset and understanding of management, marketing and product strategy within the walls of the Melbourne Business School as an Enterprise Management Specialist. At the time I was working on the GTM for the cyber security and renewable energy startups internationally.

Currently I am developing the Regulation Technology business partnerships at Fastlane Solutions (Sydney/Melbourne) as a Business Development Partner, maintaining account management functions and growing major strategic partnership/vendor relationships. I run a think tank/advisory hub called IntFinite which provides business development avenues based on and subject to a Why? question and a robust Purpose of the organisation.

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