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Policies for Guest Writers

  • KBI is an agnostic cyber security media company that fosters a premium brand in the marketplace. KBI does not endorse any product or service, KBI must remain completely agnostic, and for this reason as we can’t be seen to have any biases with any one solution in the market
  • An overly ‘salesy’ approach does not present well on the platform or for the vendor/service provider as this is a very archaic way of approaching content marketing
  • Use of images needs to be appropriate – no company logos are to be overlaid on any image that sits on the KBI platform, unless directly related to the content
  • Backlinking is fine within reason for SEO purposes
  • Understanding that KBI have the right to not publish material if it doesn’t fall within our standards and brand guidelines as per our Publishing Policy

– Karissa A. Breen

NB: If you have your own platform, and you’d like to syndicate the content. Please let us know in the submission form.


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