International Women’s Day 2023


Veena Mistry

Name: Veena Mistry
Company: Magnet Forensics
Title: Regional Marketing Manager, EMEA


Why do you enjoy working in the cybersecurity field?

Not one day is the same. I enjoy working in an industry that moves at such an incredible pace. It needs to do so to match how quickly cybercrime is evolving. Every day, cybercriminals are becoming more sophisticated and more efficient. Over the past two years, most of the industry focused on ransomware. Now that cybercriminals are changing their playbook and turning to other types of attacks like business email compromise, we have to adjust our approach. In this industry, we can never settle. We need to constantly stay on top of new and evolving threats to better support our customers.


What are your words of advice to encourage other women to work in the space?

There are more opportunities for women in the cybersecurity industry than they may think. The representation at Magnet Forensics is incredible. I never thought I’d work with so many women in sales, marketing and engineering positions.

From the outside, starting a career in this industry might look intimidating because of all the technical knowledge its workers have. There’s a bit of a learning curve, but don’t let that get to you! The cybersecurity industry is just like any other. Once you learn the basic principles, you’ll fly.

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