Soumi Mukherjee
Posted: Wednesday, Mar 08

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Soumi Mukherjee
From KBI

Name: Soumi Mukherjee
Company: Rapid7
Title: Manager, ANZ North

Why do you enjoy working in the cyber security field?

To start with, there’s no boring day in Cybersec. But on a serious note, I feel Cyber Security is crucial for digital transformation which provides the promise of a better tomorrow for all.


What are your words of advice to encourage other women to work in the space?

We require leaps and bounds improvement in gender diversity in Cyber. If you are thinking of making the move, now is the time! It’s a multifaceted industry beyond just hacking and the dark web. There’s significant opportunities in governance, privacy and contributing to public policy. And your presence will enrich and strengthen our industry.

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