Sianne Chen
Posted: Wednesday, Mar 08

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Sianne Chen
From KBI

Name: Sianne Chen
Title: Senior Marketing Manager, ANZ & SE Asia
Company: Fastly


Why do you enjoy working in the cybersecurity field?

Working in the cybersecurity community, I’m constantly challenged by the new and evolving threat landscape that my organisation and our customers are faced with. This can be uncomfortable at times but hugely motivating for me personally to upskill and for Fastly to develop more effective solutions for our customers and their digital businesses.


What are your words of advice to encourage other women to work in the space?

The demand for talent and knowledge in cyber is higher than ever. Yet women only account for two out of ten security professionals. The opportunity is endless. Fastly employs a large group of female engineers and security leaders globally, many of whom are active in the community and open to chat about everything cyber!

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