Linda Li
Posted: Wednesday, Mar 08

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Linda Li
From KBI

Name: Linda Li
Title: Partners and Programs Manager
Company: Tesserent


Why do you enjoy working in the cyber security field?

I think everyone strives for a job that is meaningful and rewarding, the cyber security field provides this in spades. I love my job, you get to work with smart passionate people and every day our work has a genuine impact on our clients security posture.  


What are your words of advice to encourage other women to work in the space?

Cyber security is such a rewarding career option. It caters to those with a problem solving mind set, the depth in technical know-how is dependent on what specilisation the individual wants to pursue. It is such a misconception you need to be good in the math/science subjects to do well in cyber security. There is a huge variety of jobs on offer, traits such as creativity, inquisitiveness and strong communication, are all highly sought after. The technology landscape is ever evolving, and the security requirements will always be in demand. Why not be a part of all this?

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