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Infoxchange, Putting The Change In People

I don’t think I am the best public speaker, however, I was lucky enough to speak to these students. I presented to the students about my career so far. For any recruiter who would read my CV, they would always say that I have a “unique” background.

For those who don’t know me personally, I was born in Queensland, with parents who owned cane farms and I went to Agricultural College. I was also a competitive horse rider and I was inseparable from my horses. All I wanted to do was work in the Northern Territory on a cattle property, but then that all changed. I also have a fashion degree, the fact that I now work in Information Technology almost surprises me.

Some might say that my “unique” background is a bad thing, but one thing it has taught me is adaptability and I see things from a different perspective through the various industries I have worked in.

The one thing that I did highlight to these students was that passion takes you places. Being passionate and driven can be a scary combination. I believe in not worrying too much about where you come from and focus on where you are going, by surrounding yourself with like-minded people and being a kind person. Building strong relationships with people in your industry is key.

When I moved to Sydney, a global company who had amazing organic growth, saw the potential in me and gave me an amazing opportunity. I wasn’t the best looking on paper, but I knew that I came from a hard-working family and I followed that mindset from both of my parents.

I knew I had a lot of ground to cover to catch up with everyone else, but all I really needed was one person to really believe in me. From that moment on, I worked hard and I ran with it.

I think sometimes we focus too much on the paper and forget about the capability and the talent that lies within someone. I know from reading many CEO success stories, that they too started from somewhere like we all did.

I now run my own company and everyone has their own pathway, but having one person who believes in you can kick-start any career. Thanks to everyone who continue to support me in my journey. I would like to extend your support in reviewing the below videos to see some passionate individuals who are keen to break into the IT market.

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Karissa A. Breen

Karissa Breen, or KB as she's better known, is a serial entrepreneur focused on the technology space. KB holds numerous board positions, from an Australian Technology College, a VP of Communications position for a global media company, through to several human capital enterprises focused on the security industry. As an ex-tech, KB saw fundamental issues with the way in which cybersecurity was trying to engage with people. KB founded a media and communications company to help global enterprises better frame and develop their engagement strategies, and shed light on cyber challenges for both industry and the public.