Hayley Turner
Posted: Wednesday, Mar 08

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Hayley Turner
From KBI

Name: Hayley Turner
Company: Dragos
Title: Director, ANZ


Why do you enjoy working in the cyber security field? 

OT cyber security is focused on protecting the critical part of critical infrastructure – the networks which operate the physical assets that keep the lights on, and the water clean in our communities. This field gives me a mission and a sense of purpose in my day to day.

What are your words of advice to encourage other women to work in the space? 

Over the past 5-10 years the field of cyber security has evolved as dramatically as the technologies we leverage in our day to day lives. Whether your passion is for problem solving, technical detail, psychology, change management, or risk analysis – there is undoubtedly a role in cyber security worth pursuing. The cyber community is an inclusive and supportive one, so if you want to know more, you’ll find no shortage of people willing to have their brains picked over a coffee.

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