Chelsea Docherty
Posted: Wednesday, Mar 08

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Chelsea Docherty
From KBI

Name: Chelsea Docherty
Title: Major Account Manager
Company: Trend Micro


Why do you enjoy working in the cyber security field?

As a young adult, I did not have a clear career path. However, I was lucky to fall into a role in cyber security – I always thought of myself as highly technical and I thrive on opportunities to develop new skills. Cyber is one of the few elements that extends to all aspects and levels of business. Also, the cyber security industry is evolving incredibly quickly, so you are never standing still and there is always something to learn. 


What are your words of advice to encourage other women to work in the space?

You don’t need to be uber technical to be successful in cyber security. If you have a thirst for learning, an analytical mind, an interest in understanding how things work or problem-solving, then cyber security could be for you.

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