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The 2FA Show On-demand security-based streaming content. A new initiative from KBI:

Challenger Registration

Challenger Recordings

On this page you can complete your registration for the Challenger format film designed for the Jenny platform from Decipher Cyber. If you have any questions as a guest, reach out to at any stage.

Welcome to the Challenger Inteview Series!


Hey There, 

We’re excited to speak with you and create a Challenger Interview film!

The purpose of the Challenger Interview format is to present a functional ‘pre-sales’ approach to discuss your solution as if answering questions from a prospective customer.

The format is designed as a rapid-fire Q&A that will elicit the details to present a compressed yet comprehensive positioning of your solution and the asscociated business outcomes.

– KB & The Krew


Registration ➟

On this page we collect all your details so we can create your episode; solution description, company and personal bio, headshot, LinkedIn, and the like.

Scheduling ➟

Now we need to know when things are happening! Then select a time that works for you accoring to your timezone.


Once you’ve locked in a time, you’ll receive questions and support materials so you know exactly what to expect!


Speaker Details

Details and context of the guest speaker.

Company Details

This section covers the details of the company you represent.

Challenger FAQs