Security Operations

Automating evidence collection will improve your cloud incident response process

A primary concern of any security team is having the ability to respond to security events efficiently and in a timely manner, well before they are at risk of escalating. The lack of automation coupled with alert fatigue often leads to overlooked risk, where seemingly low-severity detections may actually be connected to something far more malicious. To address this challenge and better protect your environment, it’s crucial to utilise automation at the core of your cloud incident response program to remove complexities and manual steps associated with incident investigations.

Achieving a Robust Zero Trust Environment

The concept of a Zero Trust infrastructure is now broadly understood across most industry sectors, but what’s less clear is the path organisations need to follow to get there.

Virtual Patching

Scenario 1:MyBank Pty Ltd has 300+ critical legacy enterprise applications. Almost all of them were built by the then IT-savvy non-developers. They were built...

The Security Operations Centre (SOC)

So, the board members at MyBiz have agreed upon making security as one of SC the foremost focus areas this year. With increasing capabilities of hackers and...
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