Security Operations

New BlackBerry Research Finds Australian Manufacturers Increasingly Wary of Nation State Threats

Two-thirds of Australian manufacturers believe their environment is too difficult to defend. 87% admit manufacturing functions are running on outdated and unsupported legacy operating systems.

60% of Organisations Take Longer Than 4 Days To Resolve Security Issue, New Report from Palo Alto Networks Unit 42 Finds

As cloud adoption continues to surge, with a projected market size of $830 billion in 2025, threat actors are increasingly targeting common vulnerabilities in the cloud.

Why Security Vulnerability Management Strategies Need to Evolve

The capabilities offered by business software applications are constantly growing, but unfortunately so too are the number of vulnerabilities. Much of this challenge can be attributed to the rate of change that is occurring within organisations. Determined to improve productivity and reduce operational costs, many are embracing strategies of digital transformation and deploying new applications at an increasing rate.

Security Emerges As A Critical Input To User Experience Decisions

Security is shifting even further ‘left’, away from developers and into the design thinking of CX and UX
teams, writes Ping Identity’s Head of APAC & Japan Ashley Diffey.

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