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How deep is the depth of the deepfake?

Use of deepfakes has risen dramatically over the last two years. We’ve witnessed celebrities push back over their likeness being used to mock or embarrass. But it doesn’t stop there.

Automating evidence collection will improve your cloud incident response process

A primary concern of any security team is having the ability to respond to security events efficiently and in a timely manner, well before they are at risk of escalating. The lack of automation coupled with alert fatigue often leads to overlooked risk, where seemingly low-severity detections may actually be connected to something far more malicious. To address this challenge and better protect your environment, it’s crucial to utilise automation at the core of your cloud incident response program to remove complexities and manual steps associated with incident investigations.

How Water Utilities can Boost Their Cybersecurity Resilience

Around the world, water utilities are fighting an increasing battle against a rapidly evolving foe. Cybercriminals are targeting supply infrastructure intent on causing disruption, confusion, and losses.

Best-Practice Ways to Prevent Phishing Attacks

They’ve been a focus of attention for IT security teams for years, yet the threats posed by phishing campaigns are showing no sign of easing. Phishing remains a popular tactic for cybercriminals for one simple reason: it works. If a staff member can be tricked into clicking on a link or opening an email attachment containing malicious code, the result can be open access to their organisation’s entire IT infrastructure.

Over 600,000 Australian SMBs would not survive a privacy breach, Zoho research reveals

Privacy awareness and concern is increasing amongst Australian SMBs in the wake of Optus and Medibank attacks, but action is too low. One in four local small businesses would fail to survive the financial or reputational damage of a privacy breach. One in four do not understand what is expected of their business as part of recent Privacy Act changes.

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Data Centres and Digital Assets

Data Centres and Digital Assets

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