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Nozomi: 2023: A Crucial Year for Cybersecurity Developments in OT and ICS Industries

As cybersecurity moves into 2023, the trends from the past few years remain firmly in place. Australian organisations are increasingly focused on optimising their use of technology, and on the convergence of operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). There has been a rapid pace of innovation in these sectors, but with these evolutions security continues to be of utmost importance. In the coming years it will be more important than ever for companies to have a clear understanding of their operational technology assets.

2023 Cybersecurity Predictions

2022 has left its mark, particularly over the last couple of months, as cybersecurity has become a national issue. The recent high-profile breaches have cast a spotlight on the devastating effects of cyber-attacks.

2022 has propelled organisations forward in its own way. In 2023 we will see yet another chapter of cybersecurity threats and challenges, along with a shift across organisations to proactively take charge of their cyber resilience against new and evolving cyber threats.

These are my top three predictions for 2023.

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