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Insikt Report – Deepfakes : I Have No Mouth, And I Must Do Crime

Intelligence company Recorded Future today released the findings of its latest deepfakes research. Titled “I Have No Mouth, And I Must Do Crime”, the report looks at how the spread of deepfake technologies, specifically through advancements in AI-based voice cloning, is pushing scams to a new level.

Shadow API Usage Surges 900%, Revealing Alarming Lack of API Visibility Among Enterprise

New Research Highlights APIs are Now a Leading Attack Vector, Posing New and Significant Threats to Organisation

New Research: Digital Trust Is Integral to Innovation and Resilience, But Major Gaps Threaten Business Operations and Reputations

99 percent of respondents in ANZ say digital trust is important and 84 percent say its importance will increase in five years; but a lack of training (52 percent) and leadership buy-in (52 percent) jeopardise the value it can deliver.

Three-quarters of Australian organisations concerned about threats to 5G network and security of data in motion

Thales today released the local findings of its annual Data Threat Report 2023 which shows that new techniques such as double extortion as well as the expansion of 5G networks are two drivers increasing cyber and data threats for Aussie organisations.

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