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Flashpoint Report Shows Australia Among Most Targeted Countries for Ransomware Attacks in July

Flashpoint has published its July Cyber Threat Intelligence Index which shows Australia was in the top 10 countries for ransomware attacks last month.

Cloudflare Harnesses the Power of its Global Network to Identify Top Exploited Phishing Methods and Most Impersonated Brands in Inaugural Report

Report underscores that email is the most exploited threat vector, Phishing remains borderless and attackers are increasingly impersonating trusted name brands

Tenable CEO and Chairman calls out Microsoft for unacceptable cybersecurity practices

In a recent article, Amit Yoran, the Chairman and CEO of Tenable, criticised Microsoft for its cybersecurity practices. He mentioned that Senator Ron Wyden had written to various government agencies, urging them to hold Microsoft accountable for negligent cybersecurity practices that have allowed Chinese espionage against the US government. Data from Google Project Zero showed that Microsoft products were responsible for a significant number of “zero-day” vulnerabilities since 2014.

Bitdefender releases macOS Threat Landscape Report

Bitdefender has revealed at Black Hat USA 2023 the macOS Threat Landscape Report, which looks at the top threats and trends targeting Apple’s macOS operating system over the duration of 12 months.

Over 600,000 Australian SMBs would not survive a privacy breach, Zoho research reveals

Privacy awareness and concern is increasing amongst Australian SMBs in the wake of Optus and Medibank attacks, but action is too low. One in four local small businesses would fail to survive the financial or reputational damage of a privacy breach. One in four do not understand what is expected of their business as part of recent Privacy Act changes.

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Cado Security Labs Releases Inaugural 2023 Cloud Threat Findings Report

Cado Security Labs Releases Inaugural 2023 Cloud Threat Findings Report

Cado Security, provider of the first cloud forensics and incident response platform, today announced the release of Cado Security Labs 2023 Cloud Threat Findings Report. The report reveals noteworthy discoveries about the evolving cloud threat landscape, shedding light on the heightened risk of cyberattacks due to the rapid adoption of cloud-focused services.