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ChatGPT May Already Be Used In Nation State Cyberattacks, Say IT Decision Makers in BlackBerry Global Research

51% of IT decision makers believe there will be a successful cyberattack credited to ChatGPT within the year and 95% believe governments have a responsibility to regulate advanced technologies, such as ChatGPT

Zscaler Introduces Industry’s First Cloud Resilience Capabilities for SSE to Ensure Nonstop Cloud Security Operations

Zscaler Resilience Extends the Flexibility of Zscaler’s Cloud Platform and Preserves Interconnections to Any App for Rapid Recovery from Unforeseen Events and Attacks

Afterpay reduces fraud risk with Cloudera while managing data at scale

Cloudera Data Platform provides speed and scalability to align with business growth; ability to ingest data increases by 8-fold with its 3.6 million customers in 12 months

Finding hard-coded secrets before you suffer a breach

Hard-coded secrets include any type of sensitive information, such as usernames, passwords, SSH keys, and access tokens.

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Rapid7 Releases Metasploit Framework 6.3

Rapid7 Releases Metasploit Framework 6.3

Rapid7 has released Metasploit Framework 6.3, which adds native support for Kerberos authentication, incorporates new modules to conduct a wide range of Active Directory attacks, and simplifies complex workflows to support faster and more intuitive security testing.