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Cameron Perry

Cam has decades of experience inside the technology sector. From time at the coalface of network & systems, through to running multi-national headhunting firms and digital marketing organisations, his cross-disciplinary skillset provides the perfect combination to help modern businesses grow and thrive.

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The Collateral Damage of Carpet Bombing

The Collateral Damage of Carpet Bombing

HISTORY The attention of consumers has always been an arms race. Historically you needed the biggest papyrus on the wall in the forum, or TV spots, or billboards, or postal campaigns to reach consumers – a prohibitively costly exercise for most. This saw a...

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The Home Of The Free*

*Terms and Conditions apply. SITUATION Cambridge Analytica was involved in a firestorm recently following reports spearheaded by The New York Times that it'd obtained and used data on over 50 million Facebook consumers with the goal to promote the presidential campaign of Donald Trump. Part of its pitch to brands and candidates has been its expertise in...

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Start Your Engines

You had a neat idea. You’ve built on it, and now started to turn it into a commercial reality. It doesn’t matter if you’ve the best product or service in the universe, if it’s not developed, marketed, sold, and delivered in the best possible way you’re falling short of your potential, and will flounder. You can’t do it all on your own of course, so now the...

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