Abigail Showman
Posted: Wednesday, Mar 08

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Abigail Showman
From KBI

Abigail Showman
Title: Senior Team Lead
Company: Flashpoint


Why do you enjoy working in the cybersecurity field?

Issues in cybersecurity are dynamic and constantly evolving, and there’s always a puzzle to solve regarding what threat actors are doing now and what they will decide to do next. As an intelligence analyst by trade, for me it means that invariably there is always something interesting and new to learn. There are so many avenues or angles to explore within the broad umbrella of cybersecurity: the possibilities are endless to continue learning and growing. It’s also gratifying to see how we can make a difference in so many ways to the organisations we support through the work in this field, as cybersecurity impacts virtually every aspect of all our daily lives. 


What are your words of advice to encourage other women to work in the space?

Mentors are great guides to help identify your strengths and serve as a model for developing yourself. Early in my career, I had a great boss and mentor who is a critical reason for where I am now. She challenged me in my work and helped identify opportunities where I could grow within the organisation, and ultimately put me on the path to where I am currently in my career. She taught me so much about what skills are most important to be successful as a manager and how to navigate being a woman in a male-dominated field, and to this day I still try to emulate many of the things I learned from her. 

I know it’s a piece of advice often cited for women in cybersecurity, but it rings true: do not let yourself be intimidated in whatever space you are in. Whether you are starting a new role, speaking at a professional conference, or even collaborating daily with colleagues, always remember that you have the skills to succeed and embrace the continuous learning opportunities ever-present in our field.

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